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Karma Thumbs Down Troll - Which User & How Stop?

Started by Cheese Head, October 05, 2010, 08:11:09 PM

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Cheese Head

I have a problem of an unknown User targeting one or more Users and giving them thumbs down in the Karma system (SMF 2.0 RC2), not good for community building!

I looked through the forum Admin Settings and this support forum and cannot find a way to see who is giving a user several thumbs down, please advice if there is a way so I can ban that User.

What I did find here on this Closed Thread is that on my Admin > Features & Options > Karma setting page if I just make the "Karma smite label" name blank, then it doesn't show in the software, which means that User can't give thumbs down, but then neither can normal users, so it's an OK solution.

Any better solutions appreciated. Thank again for great software and support, all us Cheese Makers thank you!



why not just turn off Karma?

Or look into the "ultimate reputation system" mod
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There is one mod I know that helped on my own forum once, when dealing with similar problems.
!Karma Description Mod

This mod requires your users to explain why they gave karma, and logs karma actions for you to see.
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