Am I voilating Google Adsense TOS?????

Started by vmehra777, January 27, 2011, 03:28:01 AM

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That link isn't loading for me. Maybe post a screenshot?

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Page loaded, for me.

Took ages, though. :(

When the page finally loaded, though, I couldn't see any ads, at all.

None on the front page, either.

I didn't bother to try other pages, coz I only have five hours, or so, before I go to bed and I doubt another page would load, by then. :(


I can see ads and I think they are placed fine.
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I thought I read somewhere that google preferred only 3 ad blocks per page?  On your link there are four that I can see.


I see two ads. I think they are placed fine. WantSome maybe right though, It would be worth seeing what google has to say about it. :)


QuoteAdSense for content: Up to three ad units and three link units may be placed on each page.

Reckon you're ok then.  It was three of each and you're under the limit.  (I'm no expert, though, but that's how I read it).


Have you enquired as to the legitimacy of using the LG logo on your website, too?

Just wondering, since I am hoping to use something from another company and I don't know the ins and outs of trademark usage...


In most cases, written permissions needs to be given in order to use any logo from another company on another site. This would be the safe way to go as they would not be able to come back on you legally if they found out.


Thanks Bigguy!  I'll have to write to them and see what they say.


No problem and good luck. :) Most companies won't have a problem with it as they see it or should see it as an advertising opportunity. :)