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Started by element01, May 29, 2010, 08:45:38 AM

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Indeed, you are right. That site no longer exists.  :)
Maybe this topic should be locked.



Before this thread is finally locked I would just like to let you know that is back online.

I'm sure you will notice it is slightly different now, as you can now check your forums ranking and share statistics.

I hope you will find it useful and thank you to everyone that helped make forumtuner a success (I got an A for the project).


hi would you please put up my link?

not too sure if it's student material but hey it all helps  ;)

many thanks

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That's a very nifty little site you got going there. Nice job mate. Keep up the great work...

Do append my site in when you got the time.

Thanks :)

PortaMx is probably the best SMF portal!


I wouldn't trust this site any longer, it had gone down before and I wouldn't be surprised if it goes down again.
No point putting your links there either, because most visitors are probably bots and also Google's new Search no doubt ranks these sites lower because they have no content, just links, that seem like spam.


Are you talking about my site? I hope not.......

PortaMx is probably the best SMF portal!


No, he's talking about the opening post and the site mentioned in it.

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Please, please lock this thread, once and for all.