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Portal Required

Started by !RFAN, October 24, 2010, 02:57:58 AM

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i want to have a portal which has maximum available block codes for other modes of SMF...

i want Arcade and  Aeva Gallery modes...

please suggest me :)


Might I suggest you get off your ar** and do a search! It aint rocket science!
Try the Mod site,
While I am at it perhaps searching/posting in the right Board might help!

My SMF 2.1 Beta test site;


lolz...  u know that the block codes are available on random places and people make these codes according to their need.
I was just saying as a newbie in portal that which portal has most available block codes
btw m using simple portal now..


Yes, a search for portals would have shown you at least half a dozen. Simple Portal is a nice one.


My SMF 2.1 Beta test site;