1.1 beta 3 public

Started by auricle, July 02, 2005, 04:17:38 AM

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Hi everyone,

Sorry I don't speak Russian.

I am an administrator looking after a forum for a company in Moscow. The forum uses both English and Russian localisations.

Will anyone translate the language files needed for 1.1beta3 public? I am itching to try this new version but the older langauge files (1.0.5) files do not work with 1.1 :(



No, the language files for 1.1 beta public are not translated yet. We are doing it now. Maybe, it is available in two weeks. You are right, files for 1.0.5 don't work with version 1.1, russian forums couldn't use the new version 1.1 until we do 1.1 beta public translation.


Thanks for the information!   :)

I will keep checking. Will the language files appear with the other languages in the downloads page?