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SMF 2.0 Candidate 4 and SMF 1.1.12 have been released

Started by Norv, November 01, 2010, 02:30:09 PM

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Quote from: Road Rash on February 08, 2011, 09:17:29 AM
My apologises to those who have taken my post out of context and feel they have been attacked in some way. Not the case.

I have nothing but praise and admiration for those who contribute productively to this great forum software. If I didn't think highly of it, I would not have invested my time in promoting it for the past few years.

It's all to easy to misinterpret the typed word, or it's intent.

I stand corrected on those points that clarified my misinterpretation of others posts and I thank you for that.

You certainly have my respect for taking this stand. :) If there are more of you, SMF will indeed survive(the true supporters of it).

I am a bit amazed at how team members have reacted..but I'll chalk it up to them feeling a bit cornered. After all, after working these past months to finally get SMF to *stable* RC final versions(and final version will not be far away then, thats a given) and then get members complain about something MOST of them have no stake in(they were not on the team back then) feels unfair.

For myself I was really fed up with SMF for a good time..but now I see positivism back in again, and that got to be a good sign for the software. :) So chill out, enjoy it and contribute again - if you are so inclined - in mods/themes. What can you loose? The ghosts are gone, and the software is still here.



Looking at the bug tracker, it looks like 2.0 Final is almost here (only because there are no open defects) !  I cannot wait for the launch !


Congratulations. i hope this version is as helpful as your all the other releases. best of luck with it.


personally im lookin forward more to 2.1, as like a few of us I remember when 2.0 was announced and I have seen the changes and I have been using it since first chance I could.  2.0 is a massive change and there has been alot of team changes and politics that has slowed it down, but even I can see its getting closer.
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Quote from: Bloc on February 08, 2011, 03:30:57 AM
Quote from: Road Rash on February 07, 2011, 11:25:56 PM
I haven't argued anything. I expressed an opinion, answered your questions, and asked for clarification in response to your comments.

Actually..while it may seem a long time, remember that 2.0 was a major rewrite of 1.1. Taking a stable version and changing large parts of code, not to mention the entire set of templates, took a good deal of time, 1-2 years just on that. Unfortunately past events(which I do NOT agreed was for the benefit of SMF, although it WAS good that the team leadership were exchanged) also delayed things with at least a year more.

So your 5 years aren't really 5 years of real coding, more like 2-3 and the rest due to changing of team members, who had to re-learn the code, before they could create anything new. I can't find many members that was here when 2-0 was started, and that means the original "founders" of certain code parts are just gone.

I see nothing surprising about this time-frame in that light, and I am - as should you and others, RoadRash - glad that we now indeed have a stable 2.0, with just minor bugs left to correct. What the future holds, no-one knows. But its up to US if SMF is to survive, the team can't just operate on its own, nor will they stay on if you bully them further.

When have anyone ever done their best when getting scorn instead of praise..?

All is said and well explained here.

Thanks Bloc.
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Glad RC4 is out and looking forward to more updated versions