External Links Control + AntiSPAM Mod

Started by safehops, November 10, 2010, 10:35:51 PM

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Link to Mod

Handles external links on your website and redirects them to a special "transitional" page with your custom message and your ads. Proactively protects your website from SPAM links.

- Earn when people click on any external link on your forum
- Black & White lists for all domains and URLs on your forum
- Control and earn on SPAMMERS on your website

Requirement: registration on [nonactive]

Demo URL: [nonactive]/



hmm how come safemod link is dead now? should i be worried safehop is actually going to spam me for himself?


Gives these errors

8: Use of undefined constant content - assumed 'content'
File: /storage/homeb/sub0/sc97-BM/www/Sources/Subs.php(1618) : runtime-created function
Line: 6

over and over


I guess this mod missed the list on clean out day ;)
Do NOT give admin and/or ftp details to just anybody, see if they are trust worthy first!!  Do your homework ;)