No warning / message deleting other users posts, even if not completed

Started by OCJ, August 27, 2012, 03:26:40 AM

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I have registered user accounts that can see the moderation checkboxes on the right in the board view. Also the drop down boxes at the bottom > remove, lock, etc.

They are using default profile permissions - delete own but disalow for others.

But ... they can click the checkbox for other users posts and select delete > go. The confirmation message displays ' do you really want to do this?', > ok.

There is no warning that they cannot delete other users posts. The page refreshes and the posts are still there - bad system working that way as it gives the impression it is possible to delete and lock topics they cannot.

Either checkboxes should be made active only for posts following their permissions (this would be normal) or they get an error message saying they cannot delete other users posts (as they do not have the permission for that).

This should apply to all other actions like lock and move.

I guess it could be complicated with checkboxes if different permissions exist for remove, lock, move... so there should be at least an error message if the action is not completed.


As this is a bug report, I've moved the topic to the... er... Bug Reports board. :)


Uhm, I wasn't sure it was a bug ... or just designed that way. Thanks for taking the time anyway.

Angelina Belle

I think this is a matter of interpretation.
Not sure what the creator's intention is.

So this could go either way.  I like calling it a bug.  It is certainly confusing, the way it is, and *I* wouldn't have intended to write something that turned out that confusing.  On purpose.  If I did even did have the skill required to contribut to SMF code.
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. -- Hanlon's Razor


Interesting because this should actually work properly. The loop going through per post and identifies whether the user can remove a message or not and only if it can be removed does it get added to the list. It seems to work as intended for me on 2.0.6, that I don't see the checkbox on messages I can't delete.

There is actually a side bug as far as I can see in 2.0 that the code is supposed to support selecting messages to be able to be restored but those ids aren't tracked.

This is also all appearing to be fixed (even the side bug) in 2.1, though.