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[4864] Installer creates 0byte files instead of folders

Started by Clickout, May 12, 2010, 12:28:25 AM

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I was trying to install the aeva media mod and i found that the installer created 0byte files instead of folders :(
But there was no problem when i installed other mods: sitemap, pretty url, welcome pm, regbar warning, and ad management mods.

Using SMF 2.0RC3 apache server, latest version.


This was actually reported as a bug a bit back by Nao when he was a beta tester (and made it on to the tracker), not sure where it is though.
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I can't seem to find it in mantis anywhere, perhaps I'm searching for the wrong key-words.

Hopefully somebody bookmarked it or remembers the correct title.
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Does it have something to do with the processor power of the server? Because with the 0byte files I've uninstalled the mod without any problems. Then I re-installed the mod and uploaded the folders and subfolders manually. I then tried to uninstall, but i'm getting server time out error.

Also the 'moderation' problem with the WAP2 mode of the 2.0RC 1-1 reborn in RC3!


No, it's nothing to do with the time out rules. It's to do with the library used to create the archive and to open it again.
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Can this still be reproduced by anyone?
If yes, a phpinfo() file from the server where it happens may be useful.
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Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R)

I do remember this happening to me, although it was a little different issue. All the folders I would upload via filezilla would turn into a 0 byte file. I had to create a folder first and upload the rest of the files over it later on. Although it used to happen only on one of the servers. So, I think it is something to do with server configurations rather than the package manager itself. I can not confirm it, but that is how it happened to me previously.


I had the exact same issue on various servers. The problem was with all mods which needed to unzip folders.
I also mentioned it in the team board several times.

Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R)

That gives a lead. Maybe phpinfo() will give us further information.

Just for the information: What is a phpinfo() file?

We can compare it with a proper server where this function works and the one provided here.

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