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December 06, 2021, 10:49:10 AM


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Users Online Showing Up On Local Computer

Started by floridaflatlander, December 21, 2010, 03:18:07 PM

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I backed up my forum from my services provider to my localhost to play with the themes and stuff.

I ran repair_settings, filled out the new database info for my computer, clicked all the new suggested paths and it worked like a charm.

Untill I noticed that the Users Online Section at the bottom of the forum on my computer showed users(bots) online. This is my computer, there shouldn't be anything or anyone online but me. Again this is the bot stuff showing up.

I've double checked the database paths.

What did I do wrong?



Since the database contains those details as well (since it's in the log_online table), they'll remain there for a little while until the online time runs out. Refresh the page, should disappear after ~15 minutes depending on your settings.
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