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How to avoid spam registration

Started by Neverhurry, December 23, 2010, 06:07:06 AM

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Just about a month, there have been lots of registration, the number is much more than ordinary, the registered names and their email address are very much like robots, usually some letters with no meaning plus some numbers, like whsgndht239 etc., and after registration they never post. I checked their ip address all of them are from China. They are getting more and more, but i have no idea how to deal with them, I used very difficult mathematic challenges for registration, but it doesn't help. Please if anybody has an idea how to deal them, I will be grateful to your help.
I am using SMF 2.0.1, curve themes.

Drunken Clam


Is the IP starting block 173 by any chance? Ive had a spate in this range and currently building up the full range for a block ban.


*** WARNING ***
This will block large amounts of potential users in mass.
Your ownself has to judge their value.


IP ban

asian areas

russian areas

try it in smf
(not sure smf recognizes CIDR bans or not because I haven't yet been that far with smf)

Deny those IPs from your web site entirely.
go you your web hosting panel
look and open "IP DENY"
enter a CIDR in there
click ok
after page loads, click back
enter the next CIDR
those IP ranges then will not be able to even view you site directly, much less register.

Do that with each the IP CIDR's I posted
and I guarantee your dead end registrations will lessen SUBSTANICIALLY.


so really depends how much you value their usage.

Something interesting I have noticed....

I have a list of IPs sorted by country.
I removed the U.S. IPs and "dent from"d the rest

The more those I blocked,
the more comcast and rr IPs i seen being bad.

The more those i blocked, the more I seen from PSI and other california based Ips.

Also seeing more verizon IPs too

My point is...
alot of mischief comes from asia Ips
when you start blocking them, your trouble will lessen
but you got to remain watchful because of of them will start coming form other IPs and domains
and if you just automatically block those, you could block 1/2 your users.

You you always have to check the domain and IP whois info
and always watch where the largest number of your users are from

then block with care

Myself, i have standing IP blocks against a large number of world IPs

knocked a big hole in visitors
barely lessened the user interaction
and stopped 2/3 or more of all the negative stuff

watch for them to start using proxy connection via .de, .uk, nl, .it,  ROMAIN AND POLAND
in smaller amounts .us & .ca

asia and russia are by far the bigger problems.

but you can never stop it all.