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Smileys wont display

Started by Elff, January 17, 2011, 05:25:15 PM

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I am running SMF RC4

The other day, our smiley's stopped displaying. 
I've checked the base url, absolute path and folder and file permissions[755] and verified the files are in the directory.
When you go into the smileys and message icons section of the administration section and choose
Edit Smileys, the icons come up with a red dot
If I right click on that and choose, open in new tab, the smiley does display.
It just wont display in the forum.

Any ideas?


do you have hot linking disabled on your server?



can you provide a link to a post with a smiley in it?


I saw your comments on my forum

The path to my smilies is the same as the path here

Mine are also in /Smileys/default/

These were working fine for a year and then just out of the blue stopped.
It isn't processing all of them all at the same time.  so that shouldn't be a performance issue.
Anyone else have ideas?


That test account fails, I'm afraid.

"Username doesn't exist".


I removed the test account as I solved the issue.

More of a work around than a resolution.

I deleted the Smileys folder on my server.
I then downloaded the full SMF 20 RC4 install
Extracted the Smiley Folder onto my server in the following path
Which has a subfolder default
I set the permissions

I then went into the admin section and removed all smileys that did not have a file associated with them, so then I had the ~20 default ones and that's all.
I then proceeded to manually upload the old smileys off my computer 1 at a time.
Fortunately 90% of the codes were the same as the filename 

Everything is now working and I have the same number of Smileys as I did before with the exact same settings.

Not sure what got screwed up, but it's now working and didn't take too long to fix.