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Don't Show board descriptions (global setting)

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how about a GLOBAL "Don't Show board descriptions" setting instead of the current settings which just affect subforums


the current one won't show the description inside the board

you want one that won't show it in the boardindex? I don't think it's that painful to have them there... you can probably change it with the template system anyway

what if the admin changes one of the descriptions? you wouldn't know :P

I think someone suggested once to have collapsable descriptions, but then you wouldn't know if one was changed either... not that it happens all the time though

if I disable this descripion inside boards, it's just logical, that I also want to disable them on the boardindex. If you are a senior user, you should know the board descriptions. disabling them globally makes the interface not so cluttered

the thing is, how much does it clutter it in the boardindex if that's what the boardindex is all about?

it'd be like taking the messages out of the thread and leave the titles only... well, not exactly the same ;D

it would be an user setting, so every user can set it like he want it to be. Sometimes the descriptions of some boards are damn long ;)


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