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Started by Yahmez, April 22, 2010, 01:30:59 PM

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Link to Mod

Header Link 
This mod allows you change the header link in your forum to any URL. It's useful for integrated websites, where you want to redirect back to your main site instead of the Board Index.  Enter your URL here: Admin > Configuration > Modification Settings > Misc.  If you leave it blank, it defaults back to the normal link.


Hi, I can't seem to find

// Mod authors, add any settings UNDER this line. Include a comma at the end of the line and don't remove this statement!!

in my ManagementSettings.php file. Could another mod I have done removed it? If so, how would I know where to place the new line?

SMF 2.0 | VJB2.0 Custom Theme | Simple Portal 2.3.3


Post up your ./Sources/ManageSettings.php file and I'll take a look.


I can not find the admin option under Admin > Config > Mod settings > misc

There is nothing to do with the header there.
SMF 2.0.1

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It's there on my install. See attachment...   Are you sure the mod installed/ you are looking in the correct spot? Check ./Sources/ManageSettings.php to see if the required edit was made.


Hello, I'm using RC3, I applied the mod (no errors), entered the url I wanted the header logo to redirect to, but it doesn't work. Any clue?


I tried to install your mod but it is not compatible with rc5 and would not load..I have been trying to change my header link for 2 days!