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Empty new forums

Started by lewism, February 15, 2011, 08:50:15 PM

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One problem with any new forum is that of getting it going. No one wants to be the first so the new forums remain empty for quite some time.
I am not sure I understand what discuss bots and other such tools are but they seem to be either fake posts which I don't want or importing forums from other sites to get things going, not sure.

How did you get things going? Obviously, forum topics are a start but are there any people out there who share forums in some way that helps someone get theirs going?


well, not sure what your forum is for...but one of my sites are about diesels. we just started it a week ago...so i posted a couple invites on other forums and word of mouth. so once they are there, i ask for pictures of their rides, and post a welcome to each person joining...anything to keep a conversation going. good luck

i always have a "venting" cut loose,rattle on forum etc...for talking about anything! then ill post up anything that everyone deals with on a daily basis...helps break the ice too
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I'm so sure I've read over the years about how folks seed their forums with feeds and by connecting with other forums to receive content for a while. Guess I've never spent much time looking into that.