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paid subscriptions pending payment issue DISCOVERED

Started by sodmanccc, February 22, 2011, 02:33:11 PM

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paid subscriptions pending payment issue DISCOVERED

hello everyone,

so i know some of you are having issues with your paid subscriptions both on smf 2x and smf 1x with the paid subscriptions mod (same thing as in 2x) if you take a look at your pending payment they will all have a mistake/error in common, the end date is earlier then the start date. meaning they sign up today 2/22/11 but it says the paid subs ends years before the paid sub starts!! go a head and check it out your self's..

this has been a issue i have been having for over 3 years with 1st smf 1x paid subs mod. i have submitted info to the maker of the mod and the maker over looked our site, sever and paid subs but no fix. the issue is for some reason some paid subs end date are being created wrong ealier dates then the start making the paid sub finished. because of that it will show payment as pending because its only NOT pending once they are updated.

so there is some issue with the SMF paid sub end dates that causes this to happen.

attached is a image of a sample of this..

please go a head and review what i said and your forum with the paid subs issue and you will soon notice this is in fact the reason for the error.

soo we now know what the issue is now is it possible to get this fixed in a timely matter?

this issue apply to smf 1x paid subs mod and to smf 2x built in paid subs mod.


the reason this is happening is simply becuase it cant have a active membership if the end date is older then the start date.


Please, don't PM me for support unless invited.
If you don't understand this, you will be blacklisted.


I agree there is definitely an error.
running latest rc5, and rc4 before that
someone subscribed today, i can see that their subs is "finished" and i cant set it back to active. there are 6 active and 2 finished, but only 1 finished when i list the members belong to the subs.
i'm trying to fix it in the db right now.
found it: went into the users profile, clicked on "edit subscription" and could change to "active"
start date was current, end date was 1st jan 2005 at midnight, very similar to OP's 1st post.


I'm getting the same errors with a fairly new forum rc4 to rc5 now.
Expecting new members to sign up for the club but subscriptions remain pending with 2005 finish dates or finished all together and not visible except in users profile. Have to go round hunting them down -  reset the dates and make active. Not great...


if you click "accept" for the pending payment, it will update the finish date to the correct date.  I am having the same issue, for whatever reason the payments stay pending and never resolve.  but if I manually accept them, it will enter the correct date.

I have checked and my paypal return URL is correct, so I don't know what the problem is :(  I'm not getting the "A member has taken out a new paid subscription." email either. 


Im also still getting this regularly - all my subscriptions fail to set properly. When I accept the payment it is also reseting the end date a year londer than the subscription length.

1. Subscription is 2005 and finished.
2. I reset it to active and fix the dates. start 2011... finish 2012.
3. I still have to 'accept' the payment and when I do that it changes the subscription to 2013 end date from 2012.


If you *don't* manually set it to active and fix the dates but you *do* accept the payment, it will be correct.


When you disable the automatic renewel option it will work either without problems.
Please, don't PM me for support unless invited.
If you don't understand this, you will be blacklisted.


Mine (auto-renewal) is disabled - was from the start, and Ive always had trouble with it


This has been an issue for me for a loooong time. Will it ever get fixed? Googling this, I see other SMF sites where members are complaining that the subscribe and have to wait for an admin to manually sort their subscription out :(


Nothings changed with smf 2.0 final ... as far as I can 'guess', they are not testing smf on typical cheap shared host sites like mine  - Bluehost. If that is true (bluehost has over a million customers) then there are lots of grumpy smf admins out there. Most of the other shared host plans  probably have similar setups.

Sadly subscription has never been 'automatic'.


and why is this topic marked solved ... sweeping it under the carpet?


Quote from: igirisjin on August 19, 2011, 07:51:43 PM
and why is this topic marked solved ... sweeping it under the carpet?
Maybe because the OP's problem is solved?


i have the same excact problem . i see "Pending Payment" even if paypal is working ok.


any solution?

i remember back to 1.x i had to change manually calendar "max years" value. is this something similar with smf2.0?