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Simple question, simple answer?? [SOLVED]

Started by Loony Tune, March 24, 2011, 05:13:34 PM

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The same problem applies to all of them; not only is the table rewritten, so are tr and td.

You should be able to use [center] inside a td. As for width, no, not possible.

What you may just be best doing is using [html] and writing it in normal HTML. That's admin only for security.

Loony Tune

But html in a post doesn't work. As for
, didn't think of that


HTML in a post only works if 1) you're the admin and 2) you use that specific bbcode to put around it to tell the forum to allow it as raw HTML.

Loony Tune

Oh. Well, I am the admin and as for the other bit, where do I start?





[html]<table border="1">
<td width="25%">content</td><td width="75%">content</td>


Loony Tune

I'll give it a go.

Glad there is someone who knows what they're doing, 'cos it aint me  :)


Me, know what I'm doing? I'm an enthusiastic amateur, at least to myself ;) Let me know how it goes though :)

Loony Tune