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Wheres the function?

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Matthew K.:
If I am correct...are you saying that you're putting display stuff in source files?

That picture is "?action=admin;area=viewmembers;sa=all;"

If you look at it with $db_show_debug = true; you will see this:

--- Code: ---Templates: 6: Compat (default), index (SAMPLE), Admin (SAMPLE), GenericMenu (SAMPLE), ManageMembers (SAMPLE), GenericList (SAMPLE).
Sub templates: 8: init, html_above, body_above, generic_menu_dropdown_above, show_list, generic_menu_dropdown_below, body_below, html_below.

--- End code ---

There is no function on ManageMembers for that page. Can I add one that will respond to that page?

A div around the overall content... and you're driving that from every single function?!

Use a template layer instead, define it once and you're done.

I am doing it to all functions i can find... I have almost all done but the ones in that list..

Matthew K.:
Just use $context['template_layers'][] like Arantor said.


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