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Email Template Editor

Started by Matthew K., March 31, 2011, 10:56:52 PM

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Matthew K.

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Email Template Editor

Author: Labradoodle-360
Latest Version: 1.0
Compatible With SMF: 2.0 RC4, 2.0 RC5
Special Thanks To: Bigguy & Scotty
Dedicated To: LIM


Email Template Editor finally provides SMF Admins with the ability to modify the SMF emails that are sent out by default right through your admin panel, without having to touch ANY files.

Here are some things it can do.

  • Create Custom Template - Based on any of the 52 SMF Default Emails.
  • Modify Custom Template - Allowing you to modify your custom templates, after you have created them!
  • Remove Custom Template - Want to go back to the SMF default template for that email? Simply delete it, OR leave the fields empty.
  • Testing Ability - Want to test your custom template(s) to see what they'll look like in action? Here you go.
And more!

In addition, there are NO template edits required for this mod.

Icon Set: FamFamFam Silk Icons.



Package Manager should work in most cases. If you need to make any edits, the full list can be obtained from the Parse function on the right.

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Manual Installation Of Mods
How Do I Modify Files?

Version 1.0 Changelog

+) Create Custom Email Template - Based off of any SMF Default Email.
+) Modify Custom Email Templates.
+) Remove Custom Email Templates.
+) Use all global preset variables in custom Email Templates.
+) Send Test Emails - Selecting any custom template, and inputting a recipient email address.

Files modified by Email Template Editor 1.0

SMF 2.0 RC3, SMF 2.0 RC4
Source Files (./Sources)

  • Admin.php
  • Subs-Post.php
  • +) EmailTemplateEditor.php
  • +) Subs-EmailTemplateEditor.php
Template Files (./Themes/default)

  • +) EmailTemplateEditor.template.php
Language Files (./Themes/default/languages)

  • Modifications.english.php
  • +) EmailTemplateEditor.english.php
Image Files (./Themes/default/images)



The best mod

Romanian translate on the attachments. :)
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Matthew K.

Thank you very much for the kind words, flapjack!
Quote from: flapjack on April 03, 2011, 07:33:02 AM
this is fantastic! big thumbs up!

Again, thanks :) I really appreciate it.
Quote from: Tanks on April 03, 2011, 08:12:31 AM
Now there's a useful mod :)

I'm probably going to end up re-writing the ACP end of Email Template Editor as it was built into one function rather than separating them. I'll add in the translations when I find time to make an update. And thanks! :D
Quote from: -=[Vyorel]=- on April 03, 2011, 09:34:21 AM
The best mod

Romanian translate on the attachments. :)


Hello, I'm having a bit a problem with Email Template Editor. I want to move my forum to other host but I can't find where edited templates with Email Template Editor is. Could you tell me please?
SMF Latvian translator.

Matthew K.

Email Template Editor stores custom templates in a database table, switching hosts will not affect this mod as long as you transfer the database and files.


Thanks. This is really good modification by the way.
SMF Latvian translator.

Matthew K.


Can it modify the default message meant to send to member on their birthday?
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Matthew K.

It can modify any SMF Email as long as the email is inside EmailTemplates.english.php.

Sudhakar Arjunan

Hi Labradoodle-360, this is an unbelievable and one of the ever made best mod in smf.

Thanks for this wonderful work.
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Matthew K.

Hey A.SK - Thank you very much :) You're welcome! I had a lot of fun writing it.


Just wanted to say thank you for a great mod - makes life so much easier!   ;D 

Matthew K.

Thanks for posting :) I appreciate it!


First congratulations on your mod, very good ...

But I would like to create new HTML email?

I tried putting in HTML code, but generates the email showing the code.


Matthew K.

Thank you, and as of now, HTML is not allowed.


Great mod Labradoodle, surely gonna use it on my forum. Also the code is quite simple and clean ;).
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Matthew K.

Thanks Joker, happy to hear that! :)

Although I do have some cleanup to do, function wise.


Just a suggestion, you should move css edits into css files, most probably index.css.
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"For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions." - Laozi

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