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Someone got it?, I'm moding a SMF 2.0 RC5 forum to work as a Facebook APP, using the SA Facebook Integration Im getting it to work as an APP, but Im getting problems coz I need that whe the links are clicked then it changes the Top url and not the iframe url because it does the forum to be faster, that thing is that I know basics about SMF modding and I dont know where the links are created.. to add a Javascript function...

For example I have the links...

--- Code: ---<a href = "forumurl/board/topic-whateverthing"">anchor</a>
--- End code ---

And i want to add a function.. so all links should look like

--- Code: ---<a href = "forumurl/board/topic-whateverthing"" onClick="change_top(this)">anchor</a>
--- End code ---

Can be it done?.. Thanks in advance!

I dunno if this thread goes here.. so excuse me if not.

SMF will not work well, if at aall, in an iframe.

Yes, I finally decided to maintain the main domain name.. anyway now Im getting problems when reading the cookies from the iFrame... the site is working fine at IE.. but not at FF and Chrome


--- Quote from: Kindred on April 09, 2011, 09:36:27 PM ---SMF will not work well, if at all, in an iframe.

--- End quote ---

vBulletin did it, and very well:


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