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[Theme] eoSmf for 1.05 & 1.1 Beta 3 Public!

Started by forsakenlad, July 23, 2005, 10:12:07 PM

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Hello, first of all I would like to apologize from all of you for the delayed release as it has been deleted once due to a hard disk fail I had. I would like to present you, eoSmf which is based on the Eos theme originally created by Cyberalien. I would also like to thank A.M.A for his ideas and OIDanTheManIO for testing and his comments.

The theme offers:

1) Expandable width - The theme is released in fixed width but it can be set to cover all of the page from the Theme Settings.
2) Special Quick Reply - eoSmf offers BBC buttons and smilies in Quick Reply.. Again this special feature can be turned off from the administration panel.
3) Support for the 1.1 Beta 3 Public release



eoSmf for 1.1 Beta 3 Public
eoSmf for 1.05 (outdated release - no longer supported)
Extra Buttons (Shop, Arcade, Chat, Downloads, Gallery and a lot more)

Demo: (1.1b3 Demo);language=english (1.05 demo)



09.09.2005 - A lot issues with the theme which were addressed (thanks piyabute ;)) have been corrected and the 1.1 Beta3 Update package has been updated with the fixes. Also I have added the extra images to the theme and optimized all of the theme so it loads faster. I strongly recommend a reupload of all the package...
28.08.2005 - Extra buttons have been added...
18.08.2005 - Total Members weren't showing because of a new variable which I had forgotten to update...
14.08.2005 - The theme was updated to work with 1.1 Beta 3 Public and some wrap issues and the problem with the icq and yim buttons were solved.


1. The default smiley set is used for the quick reply, to use your own, copy and paste the smileys in the /images/post folder
2. Makes use of some of the default icons
3. Has some code from the Enhanced Quick Reply mod originally created by Kirby (aka ???), thanks very much for that ;)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member



very nice. So....aweomse

I hope you have permission to use those phpBB images though...
The only thing php can't do is tell you how much milk is left in the fridge.


Very nice.  :)

Looks elegant and easy to read.

Great job porting it over to SMF.  ;)
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Very nice work! This theme seems to increase the number of users of smf. :)


Thank you all for your comments... Tippmaster I think you hadn't seen the preview thread, you would know about the permissions if you had ;)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


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DAB Empire

Great template.

Question.  It appears that users with longer personal/avatar text will run into the message body.  Is there a way to make it wrap like the default template does?


Yep I had made it no wrap, but I will correct it however the avatars don't make it bigger, it looks as if only the personal text does it. I will update the package but for now you can do the following changes:

Open display.template.php and find this line:

<tr><td nowrap="nowrap"><span class="name"><b>', $message['member']['link'], '</b></td></tr>';

And make it like this:

<tr><td><span class="name"><b>', $message['member']['link'], '</b></td></tr>';

Continue deleting the nowrap codes till you reach this line:

// Done with the information about the poster... on to the post itself.
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


Very nice port!
I've always liked this theme!


Nice theme indeed. :) And it seems to be true to the original too..great work.


Thank you all again :)


Thanks for the comment. I had to change a lot of things and write it from the scratch, SMF has so many other features than PHPBB :)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


Nice work forsakenlad  ;D (sonunda bitmiş  ;D)


Looks great :)

Now you just have to make it work with 1.1 Beta 3 Public ;)
Michael Eshom
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Tarvitsetko apua SMF foorumisi kanssa? Otan työtehtäviä vastaan, lue:


Thanks for your comments again, Oldiesmann, I am planning to make it compatible but I am not sure If a lot of things will be changed after the beta :)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


First, great Theme. Very nice!
One quetion. How can I change that the buttons ICQ and YIM not shown at all time?
I want to show them only if the user had added it in profile.
Sorry for my bad english. Im german.

greats NetHunter


It looks like a mistake I've made, I will fix it in the quickest time and update the package, thanks very much for pointing that out ;)
Eren "forsakenlad" Yaşarkurt
SMF Friend & Former Team Member


I don't think we're planning too many changes for future versions of 1.1, so it should be safe to update it now.
Michael Eshom
Christian Metal Fans