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Contest advice

Started by bretttina, May 16, 2011, 09:07:40 AM

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Hi all,

Do any of you hold contests on your forums?

I have just started my first contest   http://sharesinvestmentinfo.info/index.php/topic,723.0.html  and i was wondering if you had any any experience with holding contests or competitions ?

Did they work for you?

Were they beneficial to your forum? if so how ?


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Hiya, mate!

A few years back, a group of about eight SMF sites held an inter-forum quiz.

Worked quite well and it's become an annual event, now.

Basically, one guy joined all the sites and posed all the questions.


Hi K@,

Hows things mate?

Thanks for the reply , so what sort of questions were asked and what was won?

How did it all work? and what was gained from it all??

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The guy decided on about ten rounds, each with a different topic.

As he knew that everyone would cheat and use Google, he said, right from the start, that that was up to us.

No prize, really, except for a banner for the forum, with "Quiz champs!", or something similar in it, along with the names of all the fora and links to each.

Oh, and the kudos, or course) ;)

What was gained?

Well, more awareness of the fora, between each-other (Membership of every forum increased, as a result). The activity rose, quite sharply, and it sustained for quite a while, too.


So you say it is still running now ? if so , where and when is this please?

Can anyone get involved in the contest?

Developing each others communities sounds great to me , and also the increased memberships :)
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Not at the moment, no.

Not sure when the next one's due.

I seem to remember it might be a bit before Christmas.

When the next one's going, I'll try and remember to give you a wave. :)


Cheers mate,

Appreciate that,


Do any other members have any input into this question about contests/competitions and promotions?

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