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Hey Everyone,

I thought I'd just take a moment from reading the Graphics and Templates support topics and from noticing this in recent weeks that I feel a small tips that'll help you get your problems resolved much faster.

For diagnosing the problem you're having, it'd help if in your first post, you outlined which version you're running, this could be 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 or 2.1 (though I hope you're not running 1.0 :P). These versions have very different templates, and position things differently.

Like versions, we'd also need to know the specific theme you're running. Some designers like to modify as many templates as they can, or just totally edit the file to hell, so we'd need to know what the code looks like within that file.

Also, when outlining your problem, please be as descriptive as possible. Tell us what happens (or doesn't happen), and what do you expect to happen, and any other relevant details.

In my years, one thing I've come across very often is a Parse Error. These can be easy fixes, so when asking for help with these, please include the line the error is on, plus ten lines either side of that line eg, if the error is on line 45, then include lines 35 through 55.

I hope these tips will help you in your theming needs.

-Gary M. Gadsdon

This is an issue that has been happening for quite a while - personally I think there should be an "info box" above the post input textbox with a reminder that it is easier and quicker to receive help if smf version, theme, a link etc. are included in posts when asking for help.

Thanks for the inforamtion.

Hi, I am new this forum. i read your solution. but i am not clear this line " you outlined which version you're running"


It means exactly that. When you're describing your problem, tell us which version of SMF you're using.


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