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I'm still totally confused with how SMF permissions are set.

How do I do this?

One category for all to read, only one usergroup 'supporters' allowed to post in.

I'm going round in circles with all these profiles to edit, can someone let me know the easiest way to do it please?

SMF is a great forum, but the permissions side of it is a nightmare. I dont know if I'm editing member profiles, member group profiles, or board profiles, it's very very confusing in ACP.  :o


Click "Modify", beside the board you want to set the permissions for and I think the rest will become obvious. :).

Tried that by doing this:

The board I want supporters only to post in and read only for everyone else

Admin/Forum/Modify Boards/

Select board for special permissions and click 'modify'

You can only add groups allowed to access that particular board.

You can't select a particular group for posting only and the rest for read only.

If I click on 'permissions' alongside the board I want the special permissions on I get the list of usergroups, now if I edit Regular Users default profile here, is that just for that board or globally, this is whats confusing me.

Ah, yeah... I see what you mean.

I believe there's a mod that can do all that stuff.

I tried a quick search, but the search, here, is pretty... well... crap, sadly.

Have a look, here:;type=8

You might see it, somewhere.

I'll keep looking and post back, if I find something.

Thanks I'll have a look there.

I'm used to vBulletin on my other site, which is dead easy and very adaptable, SMF is soooo confusing the way it's permissions are done. I'm totally lost with it LOL

Wouldn't you think it would be one of the basic things written into the software though?? Wierd.

Will check back here in a mo, incase either of us find anything.


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