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Topic Descriptions

Started by vbgamer45, May 19, 2011, 08:43:42 AM

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Link to the mod
Topic Descriptions

Previous Author: live627
Original Author: Project Evolution
SMF Version: 2.0.X
Mod Version: 1.3

The Topic Descriptions modification allows users to post a new topic with a topic description seen visible in the list of topics.

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Thanks, forgot to update it. :P


thank you for making this one...


i'm getting an error.. has anybody else tried this?


Quote from: !RFAN on May 20, 2011, 04:31:48 AM
i'm getting an error.. has anybody else tried this?

Could you be a tiny bit more specific?


My mods for SMF - [6].


Thanks everyone! And please be more specific so I can help you. Is this from the error log or is this from installing the mod?


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If you were using Topic Description v1.1 mod with SMF 1.1.13 and now after you have upgraded to SMF 2.0 you can't install the same mod, then install this modification by Project Evolution and then execute the following query to convert the descriptions that you had on SMF 1.1.13 to descriptions for your new SMF 2.0 forum.


$q mysql_query("SELECT id_topic, description FROM smf_messages WHERE description != ''");
while ($r mysql_fetch_assoc($q)) {
$description mysql_real_escape_string($r['description']);
$qw "UPDATE smf_topics SET description = '"$description."' WHERE id_topic = '"$r['id_topic'] ."'";
echo $r['id_topic'] . "<br />";

Is it clear?


Hello again, is it possible to exchange description field position with topic's author one? I prefer it...


About your PM, you can always supply negative values for padding I guess.
But anyways, sure it can be done! Try this, in MessageIndex.template.php,
Code (Replace) Select
<p>', $txt['started_by'], ' ', $topic['first_post']['member']['link'], '
Code (With) Select
' . (!empty($modSettings['topic_descriptions_enable']) && $topic['description'] != "" ? '<hr class="topicdesc" /><small id="topicdesc_' . $topic['first_post']['id'] . '">' . $topic['description'] . '</small>' : '') . '<p>', $txt['started_by'], ' ', $topic['first_post']['member']['link'], '


I think you have posted the wrong code.
In this way the description appears twice...


Make sure you remove the part of the code the mod installs.


Hi and thank you so very much Project Evolution.

I have the original 'Description' mod on my SMF 1.13 and simply love it.
This for SMF 2.0 is just heaven :P

I have just had a SMF 2.0 RC5 freshly installed, from a blank canvass.
This is the first mod installed  ;)

I have a question that you could help me with please:

Have I missed something or did it not install corectly?
When in the post, that is to read or reply the 'description'
is not visable.

I hope I have made myself understood, sorry if I haven't.

I can post a pic of what happens on my SMF 1.13


Hey squad, you bring up a good point. The mod actually doesnt place the description in the post (as of right now at least), I could use some suggestions as to where it should go if it was enabled if you have any?


Thanks, in the older version it goes exactly where it is when looking at the topic.

I find it hard to clearly explain myself....I'll remove these larger pics when you have
seen them. I haven't learnt how to do smaller yet clickable pic, sorry.

Hope this helps, others may have much better suggestions.I must say I use this
modification for over 90% of our posts. It is well used & well liked.

From outside the actual post

From inside the post (read or reply)


Ok, I will see how I can fit that in the Curve theme some how.


@Project Evolution: my problem is that under topic title there is the author nickname and below it there is the description. It doesn't look very nice.
Any idea to fix it?


Did you apply the change I gave to you a couple posts above?