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2.0 Final has been released

Started by Norv, June 11, 2011, 07:43:37 PM

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Just installed it on my test forum.... (webinstall)

"Unknown column 'a.attachment_type' in 'field list'"

... don't think I'll be installing it on my live forum just yet!!!! 
That's my firm opinion.... but what do I know?!


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Just tried again using the "Large upgrade"., it has now installed but I've lost ALL modifications, and customised settings. Display blocks are all over the place and title blocks like "search" don't appear at all !!
That's my firm opinion.... but what do I know?!


Using the large upgrade or upgrading to any version will remove any customized code and modifications.
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about damn time!

good job guys, glad to see SMF finally moving forward.

Eliana Tamerin

A hearty congratulations to everyone on and off the team who made this release possible. I'm glad this is finally out!
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Is there any information on the two security related fixes in 2.0 ("login protection" and "possibility of real name spoofing") that would allow people who want to wait to make sure that their mods are 2.0 Gold compatible before upgrading to patch just the security holes immediately?

Dream of Omnimaga

Awesome work! Sadly for now I will probably stick to 1.1.14, though, because I worked quite hard on some of my forum themes, so I would rather wait until there's a 100% reliable 1.1.x to 2.0 theme converter.

I'M glad it'S finally out, though. Good job SMF team :)


No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.


Congrats and Thank you SMF team! :)
Kung Pinoy ka, at nababasa mo 'to, kabayan kita! ;)



Excellent job to everyone on and off the team that made this possible. It was a bumpy road getting here but we have arrived. Enjoy it everyone, I know I will. :)



Congratulations for all Team  8)


Nick Whetstone

Congrats (and thanks) to the Dev team!
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I'm speechless. Its been so long since last gold. Good work guys, you did it :)
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