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How do I delay a new members ability to post backlinks?

Started by Doug Varrieur, June 16, 2011, 10:10:49 AM

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Doug Varrieur

Like many forum admins we've been inundated with spammers this week. Many have gotten past the antispam mods installed. My thought is to delay a new members ability to post links for 3 or 4 days after registration. I looked but can't find the control for that permission. I'm running 1.1.13

Thanks in advance



What mods are you using?  Stopping them from posting links will not stop them from posting other gibberish spam.

Doug Varrieur

Thanks for the answer. I resolved the problem another way. Spammers were on the attack and I thought by placing some kind of link delay for new members may slow them down. I resolved the problem by installing a mod that requires people to answer questions during registration along with the captcha as well as changing the registration to require the person to verify through e mail. It worked so well I was able to eliminate all the other anti spam mods from the site :)