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sub domain to addon domain
« on: June 27, 2011, 02:42:13 PM »
Before I get to my questions I'm using SMF 2.0 RC4 with the security patch, and default theme.
plus the following mods:
1. Menu Buttons 1.1   
2. Share This Topic 2.8.2 
3. TinyPortal 1.103   
4. Image Quote Removal Package 1.1.1   
5. TinyPortal 1.104 
6. Ad Managment   
7. Sitemap 2.2.0   
8. Aeva ~ Auto-Embed Video & Audio 7.1     
9. H1 Tags in link tree 1.1 
10. SMF 1.0.20 / 1.1.12 Update 1.0   
11. Global Headers Footers 2.0     
12. Switch Permissions 1.0   
13. Default Avatar 2.0     
15. SMF 2.0 RC4 Security Patch 1.0   
16. Custom Action Mod 3.2   
17. TinyPortal 1.102

I have two SMF forums running on the same shared hosting account. No troubles on the primary domain and its forum. My issues involve the second forum and what I want to accomplish with it. The second forum has been set up as a sub domain. I want to change that to a new domain addon domain. I have the addon domain set to point to the correct name servers. Forum #2 lives inside its own folder inside public html.

I have been reading posts and tutorials on doing this and have a pretty good idea about what needs to be done and hopefully how to go about it thoroughly. This is my to do list. I would like to know if I have thought of everything necessary and, if I have the steps ordered logically. Finally, can I use the 301 redirect to preserve the links that have been established by just funneling them at

If you think of anything I am missing please let me know.
thanks in advance

1. Point addon domain, to folder (forum2) . This forum is currently at sub domain,

2. Delete sub domain

3. Set up some sort of 301 redirect that will funnel all the bookmarks, links and SE links to the addon domain, for the site.

4. Go in and fix all the broken paths with repair_settings.php

5. Find and fix other broken paths, for themes and mods.