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Language help

Started by Veky1812, July 23, 2010, 06:37:49 PM

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Hello guys..i just wanna know how to put croatian language in DB_Theme??..i know the way..but when i download a language i can only set for classic defoult and babylon theme..i wanna for u know how to do it? plz reply me :)


Hello there Veky,

If you want to install some language to your forum you should download language package, and upload files from /default/language to yourtheme/language.
After that you can set default language from admin panel.

I moved topic because you posted it in serbian/croatian support board,  but text is on english. :)
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Oh ok..but pictures of "addpoll","open/close theme" itd will not be like my theme :/
and one more question where in admin panel i ajust croatian language  :o


Right, youll have to make your own images for your custom theme if you want.
Which forum version are you running?

Do you speak Croatian language?


I have version of smf..-> Da pricam hrvatski <-..Oh ok own images and my theme doesnt have language file so..i was reading about ti and i need to upload cro.language into defoult theme?


It should be fine if you upload it to your theme/languages.
If that direction does not exist, make it :)


I did it but on forum i cant find where to cofigurate my cro language is defoult english..and i cant change it..before on last forum i have icon(field) where i can change language in this one i dont??


Take a look at admin - server settings - Default forum lanagage.
Do you have croatian language listet there?

Consider to contact croatian support (ofc on croatian language) here:


Its ok..done..tnx for the help :)..  :-*  :)


Youre welcome :)




japanese support?