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[Theme] Endar - SMF 1.1 RC2

Started by Miraenda, August 01, 2005, 06:24:57 PM

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Quote from: elpvn on February 05, 2006, 09:13:48 PM
Quote from: jasidogAtulaking, I can't work out why it doesn't work.

Interestingly when I look at the text you posted on my test board. It has the same appearance in both the Endar theme and the default SMF theme. Maybe this is because i don't have a Vietnamese computer setup?

So the only thing I can think is that it's maybe down to the font choice. Which you can change in the CSS

Quote from: Atulakingok! i try type Vietnamese with some themes then some themes can display Vietnamese ( it main that it can display UTF-8) but i'm sorry this theme still doesn't display Vietnamese.
even vietnamese work with default SMF theme and some theme, sorry i don't know.
but when i search some Vietnamese word ( with default SMF theme) then it unable found. it report ' not found"
Why? Please intro for me

You can replace unicode font in style.css file of Endar theme to viewing Vietnamese , ex: Verdana, arial,....  ;D

Quote from: elpvn on February 06, 2006, 02:14:37 AM
I've been success convert Endar RC2 theme to TinyPortal v.0.8 theme, thanks Miraenda for get permission.

See more infomation at:

Download here:  ;D ;) :)

Hi Elpvn! :) Thanks for the Vietnamese tip and good work on the conversion. I'm sure it was a bit of work. 8)

Quote from: trenchteam on February 06, 2006, 02:01:44 AM
Can I get the PSD footer for 7.0 as well? ;)

Hey Trench here's a PS7 compatible footer for you :)


Great job elpvn on the conversion of Endar to TP :D


I'm French and i have a little bug with PM buttons :

What is the probleme?

P.S. : I use Firefox but IE has same bug


Hi lbuisson. This topic should help -

It's an error I introduced at the last update, however the error should also mean a missing button. Are you using SMF 1.1 RC2?



Thanks for the hard work converting this for TinyPortal!!
I noticed that the side blocks (left and right) seem to have a grey background instead of the tan background.  Where would I look to try to fix this?


Hi FlatEarth. :)

I'm sure you know but I didn't make the conversion. However I found this post regarding the same issue -

Which provides this solution -

Quote from: crip
In the [index.template.php] file look for two places #D4D4D4; make it :transparent; remove the # also.


Thank you for your help!!
I did not see that other thread, but that sure answers my question.


Hi jasidog,

Is there any chance to put a guidline to help designers converting your theme into Right-to-Left languages (supporting Arabic, Hebrew,... etc)

thank you


Hi Maxhorizon. :)
I think it could be quite a bit of work and I'm unsure what's needed.

Can you test this file please?

Tell me if it helps at all.

If it helps at all then I can work on finishing it for you. :)


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