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Design Happy New Year

Started by Ricky., December 14, 2011, 10:29:37 AM

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Design Happy New Year

By : Ricky. | My More Themes
For SMF 2.0 , SMF 2.0.1

A professional sleek theme specially designed for the celebration of new year. This theme comes with some feature enhancement including a nice feature of floating balloons at top of your forum. Thus giving your theme a new twist and making your new year celebrations even more colorful. Balloons expands and move their places on each page load , thus giving a floating balloon feel. However, you can also disable balloons completely from the admin area under theme settings. See screenshot for various positions of balloons in header.

This theme also lets you to specify custom logo link url , helpful if your site's homepage is not same as forum homepage. Other than that, you can also add your own copyright in footer area through Admin menu. In case you want to retain happy new year logo, you can simply enable forum name below admin menu so that it also shows your forum / sitename along with "Happy New Year" wishes to your visitors.

You can change theme features at :
SMF Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme

(Assuming that Design Happy New Year has been selected as overall SMF theme on your forum).


  • Disable / Enable floating balloons effect
  • A fixed width theme
  • Bright colored
  • Allows you to add custom link to forum logo
  • Allow you add your own logo from theme Admin Menu
  • Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
  • Allows you to add custom copyright in footer

In the Last

If you liked my theme or use my theme then please have some moment here and give your valuable comments, those comments serves as encouragement for my future themes and work.

Some Screenshots


Nice theme!

I'll be using this on my test site ;)

(sadly my online site won't be up until New Year's Eve, so I'm going to be late :()
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I have become comfortably numb!

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Hey Yoshi, Thanx for liking the theme.

Crip, thank you very much .. :)

フリーレンジ ,
That is awesome compliment :)


nice style and fun to be presented - and thank you downloading
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Thanks tomeh that you liked it. Also, you can keep using after new year as you can remove Happy new year logo and balloons from Admin..

Good luck !


No, I will not offer free downloads to Premium DzinerStuido themes. Please stop asking.


Awesome Ricky. Care use the same style and make it available for all seasons ? I would be making it my primary theme then. :)


Nice theme. I am using it now without the balloons. I made a small change to the css for the logo. Just so it would overlay over the menu bar. Real happy with it. Good job. :)


Thanks for appreciating, however, I think you are are not using latest version of SimplePortal, latest version fixed those catbg title issue with SP blocks.


I think your right, lol. Ok, well I will have to update that then. Thanks for pointing that out. :)


Is a nice Theme but have a Bug.
to add a comment, shows the damaged image


Right click on the image and go to properties. Find where the image is stored and see if it is there. if it is not replace it from the .zip file of the theme. Hope that helps. :)




not want to modify the error.


Nice style and fun to be presented -  but  I think you are are not using latest version of SimplePortal, latest version fixed those catbg title issue .