SMF2.0 Upgrade - Help file not working.

Started by kitz, July 20, 2011, 05:32:40 PM

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Ive used the SMF2.0 large upgrade package, but since the update, none of the links via the help button work and Im seeing the following error

An Error Has Occurred!
Unable to load the 'manual' template.

When trying to google the error to try and resolve this myself... its immediately apparent that there are 1000's of websites out there on SMF2 displaying exactly the same problem.

As yet I have not been able to find a fix for this problem. 
There was mention of a mod that fixed the help link tree, but when I try to apply it I get
"The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.".

Help files are located on my server in the location

Detailed Version check shows.

SMF File   Your Version   Current Version
SMF Package   SMF 2.0   SMF 2.0
Help.php                   2.0   2.0

Im using a customised Theme, that is based on a copy of the core theme, with nothing that Im aware of that should have changed the maintab.


Not sure if this is relevant but thought Id add some further info.

Before I upgraded my live forum to SMF2 I had a separate test forum which was basically used to acquaint myself and other admins/moderators with the SMF2 layout.   
This test forum used a brand new install of SMF2 using the full install package and is also displaying the same behavior when it comes to the help files.


Hello there.

Please chose default theme firstly and then see if you still have the same error. You can change theme to default by going to url:

Let us know about the results.



Now this is very interesting.

Todays upgrade on the live forum doesnt have the problem using the default core. 
The test forum does!!!!! 

Guess which forum I took a copy of the core template from to make my own theme?  ::)

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont say Im going to have to redo the theme. :'(
Damnit the whole idea of the original test forum install was to give myself chance to get used to SMF2 and give me chance to make a new template before going live.

That still leaves the question...  why the problem with one  and not the other as the test forum was a full clean SMF2 install. :/


This is now fixed and I'm putting my findings in here in the hope that it will help someone else in the future.
Cant believe it took me hours of looking at stuff to track this down (thank god for apt difference)

My custom theme was based on the core template, which is where the original problem with the help files came from.

What it would appear to be is some sort of inheritance from the core supplied in SMF RC4/RC5, that will continue through an upgrade to SMF2.0.  Anyone who uses the core template or designed their own based on core RC4 will likely see the same issue.

You need to uninstall the affected theme, remove the help file(s), make sure your theme is based on the core supplied in Gold and not inherited from an earlier version.  Reinstall your theme.

*I'd forgotten that although the test forum was a full clean install, it was done just shortly before gold went live and I used the SMF2 upgrade package which leaves the old RC help files in the core or any themes based on the core prior to gold being released.