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SMF bridge step 4

Started by Phoenixoverlord, August 03, 2005, 03:23:53 AM

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After installing SMF and Mambo in a test environment, I can't load up the file from step 4: mod_smf_login.zip.

I get the following error: Upload component failed, XML setup file is not for a "component".

Yesterday I had the same problem locally as well, but then I first modified the index files of the templates and it worked for some reason....

I've tried both uploading from a file on the PC to making a dir on the server. But now I can't get this to work. :-/


Try module install :)

The login is no component.


D'oh.... I think I need to open my eyes first and ask later  :P

Thank you for the quick help! :D And.. mea culpa  :-[