Parent board rights to child boards?

Started by Rudolf Zundel, August 12, 2011, 08:28:49 AM

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Rudolf Zundel

Good day!

I have a question about the child-parent board thing.

I have about 20 child-boards for several contests. I want to hide the archives, but I don't want to go trough on all boards because with time I want to re-enable them but that takes a really long time.

So is there a way to use parent rights for child boards? You know, a usergroup can see it or not.

Thanks for help!

Rudolf Zundel


no you cant do that, a profile is for the user permissions not for if they can be seen or not.


Well there was a mod for something you asked :
Unfortunately its for 1.1.x series only, check if you can make it work for 2.0 or someone else can do it for you!

Rudolf Zundel