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Re: Greeny
« Reply #20 on: July 01, 2018, 04:27:58 PM »
I've installed Greeny on my forum this afternoon and I really like it.  The mobile navigation generally works very well.  I've a few issues however, the first one being the biggest.

1.  On the message index there is no link to the last post in each topic on mobile view.  The responsive layout doesn't play well will the quick moderation checkboxes, as you can see in my screenshot.  When you select a board from the main index, the column for "last post" has a header but the content is completely taken over by checkboxes.  HOWEVER, disabling the checkboxes for quick moderation, the "last post" column disappears completely and the topic column takes over the full width of the screen.  So when viewing the topic list within a board, there is no link to see or skip to the last post in the topic.

This is not the case when viewing "unread topics".  There is a "last post" link there that's perfect.

2.  Sidebars don't work well on mobile view as they squash all the content over to the right so that the text overlaps.  Disabling sidebars resolves the issue, but without sidebars the desktop experience can be quite clunky.  Is there a way to respect the user's sidebar setting on large screens but force disabling sidebars on mobile?

3.  From action=unread, if you scroll up and click on view unread topics in the header, the button does not reload the page but just scrolls you back down to where you already were, so if there are new unread topics you don't see them.  Can the unread link in the header be made to force a page reload?

4.  I really am nitpicking now because the mobile navigation is very sophisticated, but the menu items that have child menus, such as Admin and Profile, are not links themselves as they are in most other themes.  So instead of being able to just click on Admin from the menu and go to the Admin panel overview, you have to select one of the items from its child menu and navigate backwards from there.

5.  I have also noticed that when reading a topic on a mobile screen, the posts display the avatar of the poster but not the poster name.  Is this intentional?  I can probably figure out how to hack the name in myself but it would help to know if there's a reason why the name was omitted.

I love this theme and any help would be appreciated - thank you!