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--- Quote from: Suki on April 09, 2020, 01:20:26 PM ---I just realized its been ten years since I registered here!

Also, its been 5 years since the last time I updated this thing.

--- End quote ---
And you are still here albeit  with Dev tag ;-)


--- Quote from: Ricky. on April 14, 2020, 03:18:38 PM ---And you are still here albeit  with Dev tag ;-)

--- End quote ---

Yeah, its pretty funny because I remember when I took my first full time job as a developer I thought I wouldn't want to work on code in general as a hobby anymore but its actually quite the opposite! I still make time to work on SMF or my mods whenever possible, it doesn't matter if I've been reviewing code all day, the passion is still there.


--- Quote ---What was your first screenname?
Suki and Miss All Sunday are the only nicknames I had used so far.

Update, A few months ago I went to my mom's and re-discovered my old PC, turns out I also used to use the nickname "Manzanita" (little apple)
--- End quote ---

This reminds me of a drink I can only seem to find when I'm down in south Texas (Laredo or El Paso) called Manzanita del Sol. It's an apple flavored soda that tastes amazing!

Indeed, Manzanita Sol is quite popular here and yeah tastes real good too  8)

The factory and the brand were purchased by Pepsico in the 90s, glad they decided to keep the original formula intact.

I've seen a local one once, a small company was making apple soda and some other unusual flavors. It was really good and was a trend in a matter of weeks when they started selling it. As suddenly as it came around, they closed/stopped selling it, I don't know what happened. Have never seen anything else since :(

Edit: If I didn't remember it having a red coloring, I might consider it's the same one. But maybe not xD


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