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Sure! it's on our genes and  its cheaper than most other alcoholic beverages :P  you ca get drunk with just 2 dollars  8)

Mexico City? that's cool!
Never would have guessed I'd find another Mexican here.

But MAS... I only drink Anejo Tequila.... (although, occasionally, I'll slum and accept Silver or Reposado)  Which, even in Mexico, I assume is more than that. :P

What is your favorite Tequila?

Wow, you are beautiful.

I like Silver the most, I dont like that wood flavor in reposado and aƱejo, the fresher the better!

I couple of years ago I went to Tequila, the town and saw the whole process, it was cool.

--- Quote from: Owdy on September 07, 2011, 02:04:43 PM ---Wow, you are beautiful.

--- End quote ---

Thanks ;)  thats the most recent pic I got, it was from last Saturday.


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