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Restoring single boards from an old database

Started by Jack_40k, September 16, 2011, 10:10:02 PM

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Hey guys,

Here's the situation. One of the admins on my site went a little overboard and started deleting content (threads) from two of my boards. Basically, all of the content from those boards are gone. Now I do have backups of these boards but they're from earlier versions of SMF.

Is there any way I can incorporate the old content into the current board?



P.S. I use PHPmyadmin, old board = 1.1.8/(mayyybe 2.0 can't remember), current board = 2.0 RC3 (I know RC5 is out).



My bad. That's what I've got. The details aren't important, I have backups of everything and have use an offline virtual server running Fedora where I update SMF before we go live. Just need to know if the above is possible --> from an older RC3 database to a 2.0 final.



any version of smf can be upgraded to 2.0 using the upgrade.php script