Some Icons/Images never show

Started by PenelopeQ, September 14, 2011, 04:13:36 PM

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I guess may be something that has been an issue for awhile, but it was just minor.

Some icons--like the the new posts icons--have nvere worked.

Now I am creating some icons for my groups and those are also not working, so the issue is now more important.

They are just the typical bar or button looking icons like those here for some of the mod teams. But I did have to make them 188 pixels long to accomodate the group names.
I made the png files.

I just saw a topic on here asking why those don't work, but my main topic/message icons are png and have always worked for me, so I don't know why these aren't working.

It could simply be that I added them incorrectly in the membergroup function--since I've never added my own group icons

Brain fart...I did do it wrong...forgot to add .png   it looks fine now. :o

Though if anyone can help figure out why other icons--like new posts--do not work, that would be helpful.


When you say that they're not working, what do you mean?

You get the place holder, but no image, or what?

Can you give us a link to where one of the images is showing? (Or, rather, not?)


The placeholder (white box with a red X) with the text "new" is what I get.

Here's a link to the main board, but will it show if I logout and thus am not in as a recongized user it doesn't show those. It only shows the posts that are new since I last viewed--when it knows who "I" am. Does that make sense?


i bet [guessing] you are using english-utf8 on your forum for the language, your theme is missing the english-utf8 folder that should have the new.gif in it

copy the image from to a new folder named english-utf8