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CMS info reqd please

Started by gerrymore, August 12, 2005, 09:30:15 AM

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I'd like to use a CMS system to devleope a new site. Looking for one that is easily integrated with an existing SMF forum/Coppermine Gallery. It [hopefully] will be able to give me the following.

  • Fairly easy to use as I'm no expert coder.
  • Ability for users to submit info to the site, and have that info displayed as their own page listed under a geographic catagory listing.
  • Fully searchable.
  • Have a reviews section or the ability to easily create one).
  • (Possibly for the future) Have an integrated chat module.

Thanks in advance for any info. I did try a search, but found all the info very confusing.  :-\
SMF RC1, Tiny Portal 0.75, Coppermine 1.3.3, Flashchat.