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[2.1] Hooks in 2.1

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Hi all, the Devs are considering an overhaul for the existing hooks system

We will like to hear all opinions about this, ways to improve the usage, handling, structure, design, scope, removal from database, etc.

Please share your thoughts on this :)

Overhaul how, exactly?


 I know a good few people that would like this authentication option, I was going to write it myself but haven't had the time to look at how to write mod packages for SMF just yet due to life and work getting in the way.

and how does LDAP apply to the overhaul of hooks?


--- Quote from: live627 on October 05, 2011, 05:50:19 PM ---Overhaul how, exactly?

--- End quote ---

in general, in every possible way, in every possible approach.

An example, some of us are thinking in hooks having its own table.
find a better way to handle hooks on uninstall/upgrading
finding a solution on the current system where you load a file everytime.

things like that.


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