500 Internal Error when try to install any mod

Started by JadeCat95, October 06, 2011, 05:28:47 AM

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since that has nothing to do with the core files you can do anything you want with it but deleting it or leaving it on the server has nothing to do with using up memory.


Ok, well crap.

One last ditch question....

Before I upgraded, I downloaded the "forum" folder to my computer, and backed up the DB.  Can I safely upload this folder back to the server and go back to the version we were running before upgrading, without losing anything?? The forum has been in Maintenance Mode since before the upgrade, so there are no new posts or anything. I know this won't solve the package install issue, but won't going back put back the mods we already had installed?

Thank you for trying to help.


OR, is it possible to install a fresh install of 2.0 and then use the database, or portions of it, from the 1.1.xx ? The main things we don't want to lose are the Aeva stuff and the already posted topics/threads


if you running into memory issues as it is without any mods installed, reverting back to the old install with mods installed would not help much as it would use more memory.


Ok, talking out of complete desperation here, but is it possible, since our test forum seems to be working right, and is a fresh install of v2.0.1, to put the table structure and posts from troublesome board and transfer the posts and everything over to it, and if successful, then delete the troublesome install? Like renaming the DB or something?

I'm really sorry to keep on with this, but, like I said, we are getting rather desperate.  :-\

We know we can run the troublesome forum without the mods, but there are a few that we kinda count on.


you can connect that forum to the database running the other and run repair_settings.php on it to fix the paths, or you could copy the files form that install to the one that has issues and see if that helps any. in the end it might just be easier to find another host and forget the problems and get to use your mods again.


Thank you for that info.

The host actually just called, so I thought, in the interest of if this happens to anyone else, let you know what he said.

He wanted to reproduce my problem, which I walked him through and he was able to reproduce it. Watching the error logs on his end, he was able to determine that it is NOT a permissions issue, NOT a resources issues, NOT a memory issue. He is fairly certain that it is a matter of the server taking too long to decompress and run the scripts. He is currently running some tests and is looking for a way around the connection time out issue and is going to call me back in a bit. He thinks the mods might be trying to create/change items in the tables and is timing out as well. He is fairly certain that it can be resolved, and if not, he going to help me move it to either the test forum, or create a new one and import everything to it.

Thank you for all your help, and say what you will about "over selling" hosts, but so far, the customer service has been excellent.


Quote from: JadeCat95 on October 06, 2011, 04:19:06 PM
Thank you for all your help, and say what you will about "over selling" hosts, but so far, the customer service has been excellent.
Customer service and overselling are 2 different things.

I'm glad to see the progress on your end :).
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OK, working with our host tech, we got this issue fixed.

The problem was that we had a bunch of mp3's uploaded for a player to use while on the forum.

What was happening was that the mod package was trying, for some reason, to access the ID3 tags FOR EVERY MP3 (over 300 of them), and it was causing the host kill script to kick in/time out.

We moved the MP3 folder to a different location and mods are now installing just fine.