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Yes i did, and removed because it was bad. What can i do to fix it? Also, does yours will read size?

You have to remove all code that added by other spoiler mod. Ask author of spoiler mod about this.

kk, i will see what i can do. Thanks for all the reply's But i still would like to know if it will read size, because no matter what i put inside, there is always this big frame.

You can change width with spoiler.css:

--- Code: ---.sp-wrap {float:left; width: 50%}

--- End code ---

Hello Bugo and Happy new Year,

Want to report that in the latest version of Quick Spoiler 0.99 the Fancy Box is not working. There is problem in Subs-QuickSpoiler.php. Can't figure out where but on my forum it is not working. I have your first version 0.72 and no problem with the Fancybox in it.  Hope you fix it soon. :)


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