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For some reason, I can't open spoilers when I am viewing the spoilers in preview mode

Hi Bugo,

I have recently installed quick spoiler - version 0.9.1 on my new forum and there seems img2 tag is not available anymore, which I have on my other forum where version 0.8 is installed.

Downgrading from 0.9.1 to 0.8 also didn't work, spoilers wouldn't work at all after that.

Any help advice? Can I and how activate img2 on 0.9.1? Or how to downgrade it 0.8? (I guess something is left from 0.9.1 after removing it)...  or should I just wait for new upgrade?


Just make export of your database (smf_messages table), replace all "img2" with "img", then make import back to database. It's easy.

lol, that's not at all what I want... :)

I don't want to replace img2 with img, I want img2 functionality on my forum - thumbnail that opens in popup screen on click!
Why is it omitted from latest versions?

Thanks, works just as promised.


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