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SMF MediaWiki integration released

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Simple Machines is proud to announce that we are releasing the integration used for the Simple Machines Wiki.  This integration has been adapted from the original by Ryan Wagoner.  Ryan's original work specified no license;  however he has been kind enough to give us permission to redistribute his work.  We have released this work under the BSD 3 clause license in hopes others may continue to improve this integration.

Our reasons for modification were quite simple.  First and most importantly, we wanted to reduce the required resources to make the integration compatible with a large, active forum. Secondly we attempted to improve the user integration to ensure protection of the accounts.

By protecting the account, we hope to avoid duplicate names by ensuring that they are not possible. As well we hope to be able to match wiki names to SMF user accounts using their account id from our SMF community forum.

The most important part was ensuring that the authentication would not demand too many resources.  We have improved the authentication to cache queries that the auth uses to communicate with SMF.  So far this has proved successful and kept our servers happy.

In addition, we have have improved the ability of the integration to add users to groups based on their access on SMF.  This has allowed users such as our translators to be automatically added to the appropriate translators group,  which greatly reduces work loads and reduces human error.

By releasing this authentication file, we hope to encourage others to use and improve our work and give back to the community.  We have chosen github because it makes it simple to allow anyone to fork the work, develop their own improvements and features, and submit pull requests for their changes.

You can find the SMF MediaWiki authentication at


Good news :) Still need to find out how it works though :P

Angelina Belle:
The README file tells you where to put the files, and which settings to use.
Just follow the instructions, and you'll be bridging your SMF and wikimedia immediately.


Questions and Issues:

1. Does it work with SMF 1.1.x? I couldn't find any indication on this.

2. I doubt this bridge will be able to work with MW 1.18, since they've changed the hook $user->setupSession(); to wfSetupSession();. Maybe you'll want tho change this piece of code:

--- Code: ---// Go ahead and log 'em in
--- End code ---

3. Does this bridge accepts "strange characters" like á à § ç ã on the username? (the last bridge didn't accept them)


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