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Looking for the upgrade.php for smf database

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Hey guys, I need to find the package that has the database upgrade file for database version 1.1.9 to 1.1.13

the large upgrade package in the archives would have that file along with the sql's

I have been searching the site for the past hour and can't seem to find them. What I need is the upgrade.php file. My hosting provider restored my site, and I can't see any of the posts afetr 10/2010. the system tells me I am running 1.1.13 but am using a 1.1.9 database. What files do I need and how do I fix this?

Illori:;version=67 and you should upgrade to 1.1.16

I agree, first I have to get the site working again. It got severely broken and corrupted when trying to go to 1.1.14. So now we are just trying to get the site back up.....

This is the 1.1.16 archive, I need to fix the site first to work at 1.1.13....

Thanks again Illori


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