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SMF-External Image Proxy
« on: June 02, 2018, 07:34:53 PM »
Link zur Modifikation

SMF-External Image Proxy

This mod provides SMF 2.1 beta4/rc1 with the possibility to use external image proxy.

Proxy mode
- Internal mode, which is the smf proxy.php solution
- Easy External mode, which add based on proxy_url + image_url, exp. nginx or
Use case
You want to use an image proxy for your forum,
but the proxy.php solution is not enough.

This mod run on MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL and
use only hooks.

After installing you find the entry under: Configuration > Modification Settings > External Image Proxy

GitHub Link
The mod is designed with the idea, to add more methods for other proxy,
Feel free to make suggestion/pull request to support more proxy methods.

All suggestions related to core features and UI are most welcomed.

 * This SMF Modification is subject to the BSD 3