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the title says it all...

the present pm system confuses some users,


no, sorry, the title does not say it all.

how does the current PM system confuse people? It's as straight forward as email. I have a board with 33,000 users and none of them have ever complained about being confused with the PM system.

but, if you want a change -- be specific -- What parts of gmail's system do you think would be needed?
(personally, I despise gmail and google's setup for messaging)

Are you talking about conversation styling. If so go to

Personal Messages » Change Settings
Display personal messages -- change this to "as a conversation"

alright, i'll explain myself... im sorry too...

@Joker - yes it involves conversation styling.

im suggesting to add another settings for the Display Personal Messaging settings.

a settings that shall only displays email style messaging. like this layout below:

read/unread/replied icon | Sender's Name | Subject

and please see attached image. it contains screen shots of the conversation style.

what im suggesting is to display or a layout style like email.

thank you for the response.

Sorry to say but I'm unable to understand what you are trying to express from "Display Personal Messaging - My suggestion.jpg" image.

--- Quote from: cosmicxxx on January 05, 2012, 10:59:02 AM ---read/unread/replied icon | Sender's Name | Subject

--- End quote ---
By that do you mean options to sort the list of message like we get in gmail etc?


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