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Started by Bugo, January 05, 2012, 11:13:27 PM

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I can't reproduce this problem on my site.

Have you set up permissions for all groups?
Did you know authors cannot rate own topics? - It's the modification's rule.


Thats what I was saying in my post...

Using the mod ' post as alternate user', there are posts there I attributed to other users (but i posted in their name). But topic rating still knows I posted them.

This mod

No problem, working fine.


Dont forget to add portuguese files



I have installed the new version of topic rating bar, and have noticed that the language file is a bit different. I have translated the new one to hungarian, and attached.


Nagyon szépen köszönöm.


Ohh you are a multi language guy, it brings a smile to my face. ;D


everythink is great, i love this mod. but i have some question. the best topic is show one topic, so how to make The Best Topic to 5 Topic not only one topic?



What do I have to edit to actually give it another position?
Not sure where I have to search when its hooked..

Awesome Mod by the way!
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N i g h t m a r e

This is working perfectly for me :) marvelous mod


Hi, this is the best mod of voting, but I want the guests to vote. I wonder where I can give permission to the guests, Thank!
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i'm using this mod for a while but it is not showing ratings in message index anymore. i'm not sure when it is stop showing them. i updated it for a last version but still don't show up. any suggestions ?


Post any link to topic with rating.



You are using various versions of jQuery (1.6, 1.8.1 etc). Try disable/uninstall other mods that you have installed after the Topic Rating Bar.


i try some of them but didn't show up. i uninstall it :(

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Hi, thanks for this mod!

I've noticed the ratings do not appear to be merged when one or more topics are merged.
Can you please let me know if this may be doable somehow?


Someone help me relocate the stars? Something similar to what the user commented elmenda:

Quote from: elmenda on May 03, 2012, 06:50:12 AM
Hey. Would it be possible to tell me I can com make the stars appear in the title bar instead of the default mode?


Thank you.
... :-X Dime de que presumes y te diré de que careces ;)...


Nice mod! :)
Can you make it so that the topics in each board be sorted by rating? (by clicking somewhere on the header, as it is for other fields)
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I made changes so I could do this but it was within a totally custom theme, I can have a look at what I did on the back end if you like but it did not involve changes for the default theme.