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Started by Team, January 13, 2012, 10:20:43 AM

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Link to the theme

The Chemical Theme has been relaunched now with a stunning background image, with new features and options for anyone who wishes for a strong but professional theme.

Theme Includes:

  • Custom Copyright
  • Uploadable Headerspace
  • Insite Navigation to your site pages.
  • User Area
And many many more features that you need.

The previous incarnation of this theme got the Theme of The Month for January 2012, not imagine what the improved version can do!

This theme does use CSS3 and may look ugly if you use an older browser.

Please be aware the license of this theme has now changed, the older theme is now also under this new license.
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Tiz purdy, me preshusss! :)

Nice work, man!




I like the "Getting away from Curve" thing, especially.

Good to see some creativity going on! :)


Oh, that's very nice!


it was for a customer but he pulled out I am glad people like it ... spent a while trying to get it to work :)


Grerat theme Runic
It looks very modern
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I LOVE this theme.  But i have noticed a few bugs.  I use the MOD Facebook like bar, and with the new theme that bar is missing.   

Also it would be super awsome if Banners or images can be inserted after each board.  Like the board disc. accepting [img] code.


the mod most luikley makes changes to the template files and as this was installed after the the mod the changes will have to be made by you manually if you link the mod I can explain more.

Even with this theme you can use bbc and html in the bnoard descriptions  and what else you ask is possible just like any other theme.

Chen Zhen

Wow, very nice Runic.  8)
This theme is very impressive.

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Thanks, can I change the black to make it a bit lighter?


yep you can, its set in the css file, im assuming you mean the black footer?

Chen Zhen

I think you may have misspelled one file name:
thimbnail.png ??

Should be thumbnail.png shouldn't it?
I noticed it on the theme select.

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"Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it's from Neptune." - Noam Chomsky


It looks good. But I'm not liking the header stone graphic and I feel that the theme itself lacks substance, which is always a challenge when it comes to transparent themes. It relies way too much on the background graphic.

I also feel it was a mistake to have the footer text to the left. It gets in the way. It would fit more comfortably to the right of the screen I feel.


All comments are welcome, no theme will ever get a fully positive remark


Are you planning to keep this updated? I LOVE IT thus I don't want it to just die! :) I want to change some of the things about it personally, but I really wanted to tell you thanks :)

I guess I'm too stupid to figure out CSS though as I can't get the top name of my forum to change from white to something else, since I don't have a logo or anything (I assume).

Also, I'd like the text areas to be either transparent or darker with a lighter text, to avoid the angry eyes that I have now lol!

Just some thoughts! :)


the theme has been updated, and is now released under a new license, aswell as a more professional look.


I love the theme and you can see what I did with it here

I appear to have an avatar sizing problem.  I had my defaults set from the previous core theme and when uploading the Chemical theme, sizes were configured correctly but the avatar shrunk and is not a bit out of aspect ratio.

I tried setting the avatar sizes to "0" and that made no difference.  The avatar is show about 1/3 size that the image is.



what avatar section? can you post a pic please